The Cēsis Vidzeme Concert Hall is more than just a place where you can enjoy concerts and opera and theatre performances or view visual art exhibitions; it is also a great place for celebrating life. If you want to mark your birthday, let your wedding guests toast you or hold a special corporate event in a unique ambience, consider the option of choosing one of the Concert Hall’s rooms as your venue. All of the auditoria are well suited for hosting a celebration – the romantic Chamber Auditorium, the harmonious Organ Auditorium, the functional Lesser Auditorium or, should you need a room for a party of 800 people, the grand Greater Auditorium.

The Chamber Auditorium is perfect for acoustic concerts, conferences and seminars and cosy celebrations. An audience of 100 people will feel comfortable in this hall.

The Organ Auditorium owes its name to the organ which, steeped in stories, has travelled to Cēsis all the way from Lübeck. The auditorium is light and spacious; the presence of the impressive musical instrument lends the room a distinctive aura. The auditorium can accommodate up to 100 people.

The Exhibition Hall is light and, thanks to the temporary exhibitions, ever-changing. Its huge windows open to Raunas Street. This modern room can accommodate up to 100 people.

The Lesser Auditorium is equipped with a modern digital film projector that guarantees a high quality picture. While the room is specially designed for film screenings, it lends itself well to theatre performances and concerts, as well as presentations and seminars: the number of seats can vary from 45 to 100. The auditorium features terrace-style seating, which means that every seat provides great visibility; the roomy and comfortable chairs are ideal for movie-watching.

We offer to use our auditorium for your private ‘Bring Your Own Film’ screenings

It is an excellent way of enjoying a big screen version of the movie of your choice in a selected company of your friends, family or colleagues. We can also offer films from the current repertory.

Bring your own movie and pay EUR 71 + VAT; if you want to watch a film from the current repertory at your private screening, the price will vary depending on the distributor.

For further information, email karlis.freimanis@cesukoncertzale.lv , info@cesukoncertzale.lv or phone 64119921

The Greater Auditorium features the latest acoustic equipment; every detail is designed to guarantee as clear and powerful a sound as possible. The auditorium seats 805; 300 of the seats are part of the back balcony that circles the whole of the auditorium, including the stage. Providing the opportunity of listening to a concert while sitting directly above the orchestra and facing the conductor, this approach to seating arrangement, featured at the Berliner Philharmonie and many other leading European concert halls, is unique in Latvia. The floor of the audience amphitheatre can be lowered (levelled) horizontally; likewise, the seats in the stalls can also be sunk, creating a spacious and comfortable dance floor, as well as room for a big social event or party. The auditorium can be fully lit using natural daylight; by closing the side shutters, it can also be completely darkened and lit using spotlights only. The Greater Auditorium combines the potential of the latest technologies with an ancient aura and the atmosphere of comfort and warmth introduced by the large windows and wooden features.