Venue hire

The Great Auditorium can boast a unique one-of-a-kind balcony that encircles the whole auditorium and the stage, forming a complete oval. The decorative light wood shields give the auditorium a special character and ambience. The auditorium can host concerts, theatre and dance performances, as well as conferences and social events. The auditorium comfortably seats 805: 504 in the stalls and 301 in the balcony, but the number of seats can be changed and adjusted to suit the character of the event.

The stalls feature a conveniently and quickly configurable floor: transforming it from terraced rows of seats to a completely level floor will take only 30 minutes. The latter type of configuration will ideally suit banquets and balls. The orchestra pit can also be used.

The Great Auditorium has natural acoustics. The reverb time is approximately 2 seconds; at events using sound amplification equipment, reverberation can be reduced to 1.5 seconds. The reverb time is changed with the help of acoustic curtains and additional portable acoustic panels that can be used to improve the quality of sound.

When renting the Great Auditorium, the space at your disposal also includes the concert hall’s first-floor lobby and second-floor hall with access to the balcony.

Area of the Great Auditorium, including the space: 500 m2

Area of the stage: 120 – 180 m2

An auditorium with a built-in  screen and a film projector. The auditorium features 59 built-in cinema seats but the number can be increased using additional seats.

While the auditorium serves as a cinema on a daily basis, it is also ideally suited to host intimate recitals and theatre and dance performances. It is a perfect venue of creative presentations, working groups and seminars.

The auditorium can also be rented for a private film screening, either choosing a film from our repertoire or bringing your own. At this kind of screening, a banquet table can be set up on one side of the auditorium. This option will transform a birthday bash, an office party or a business presentation into an unforgettable occasion.

Area:192.3 m2

Seats 59 – 100

The interior and lighting of the hall was designed to meet the needs of professional art exhibitions; however, the hall is also ideally suited for seminars, working groups, informal gatherings and other kinds of social events.

The large windows provide daylight.If necessary, the hall can be darkened using blinds.

Area: 103.1 m2

In a theatre set-up, seats 120 

An auditorium that owes some of its special ambience to the revealed brickwork wall that has survived from the centenarian Cēsis Community House. The room houses a beautiful grand piano.

Set on the second floor, the auditorium features windows that provide daylight. When necessary, the room can be darkened using blinds.

The Chamber Auditorium is suited to host chamber recitals, seminars and social events.

Area: 107.8 m2

In a theatre set-up, seats 120

The unique atmosphere of the auditorium is created by the hundred-year-old organ that was restored in Germany. The room is suited for chamber recitals, seminars, working groups and social occasions.

The large windows provide daylight. If necessary, the auditorium can be darkened using blinds.

Area: 105.2 m2

In a theatre set-up, seats 100