Peteris Vasks Festival
Saturday, 13th April, 19:00
Organizators: Koncertzāle Cēsis

John Neumeier Bundesjugendballett (Germany)

This year’s festival will reveal Pēteris Vasks’ music from a different angle ‒ in a contemporary ballet production. The German Bundesjugendballett (National Youth Ballet) and choreographer Sasha Rivas have staged a one-act ballet ‘Muted’ set to Vasks’ piece for piano quartet. The music will be performed by Latvian musicians who will share the stage with the dancers.

The ballet is built as a natural interplay between music and movement: the melody and the dance inspire, encourage and complement each other. The sadness and hope of Pēteris Vasks’ music is reflected in Rivas’ choreography: the melody, sometimes energetic or threatening, sometimes ‒ gentle and sensuous, reveals to the spectator a story of emotions through movement.

In the second part of the night, the ballet company will present a programme set to masterpieces of classical music.

Bundesjugendballett was founded in 2011 in Hamburg by the famous choreographer John Neumeier; the company comprises eight professional dancers. With their repertoire that creatively reflects the experiences, awareness and ideas of the younger generation, the company is an excellent mediator between contemporary culture and high art. 

Photo: Silvano Ballone