Instrumental Chamber Music Concert TRIO PALLADIO AND GUNTIS KUZMA
Friday, 26th July, 20:00
Organizators: Koncertzāle Cēsis

Tālivaldis Ķeniņš reportedly named Johann Sebastian Bach and Robert Schumann as the two composers who had touched a chord with him as a budding musician. Therefore, it is only fitting that the two masters ‒ Schumann and Ķeniņš ‒ rub shoulders in this concert programme. An excellent addition to this pair is Dace Aperāne ‒ an unparalleled mediator between the music scenes of Latvia and the Latvian expatriate community ‒ with her Second Piano Trio, a piece best described by its subtitle Fantasy.

The oeuvre of Tālivaldis Ķeniņš will be represented by the Mozartesque etude Die Zauberklarinette for clarinet solo; the famous Conversations with

Homeland, based on the opus The Truth by his like-minded colleague and correspondent Imants Zemzars and Schumann Paraphrase for piano solo.

Robert Schumann will be represented by three Fantasy Pieces (Fantasiestücke) and Piano trio No. 2, where the composer quotes his own lied about the wonderful image hidden deep inside the heart: this loving heart is quietly singing an ancient song that flies to you on wings of wind ‒ a sophisticated example of chamber music with three technically skilfully intertwined yet simultaneously humanly simple instrumental voices that capture our attention like a harmonious conversation of three wise age-old minds.

A union of three Grand Music Award winners, Trio Palladio is a chamber ensemble of highest order. They are able to overturn our preconceptions of any musical piece they tackle with their complete immersion and unique passion. As a special treat, this programme will see the Trio Palladio pianist Reinis Zariņš perform with one of our best chamber musicians, Guntis Kuzma.