Music in The Art Gallery | TRIO ART-I-SHOCK
Friday, 22nd February, 19:00
Organizators: Koncertzāle Cēsis

Trio Art-i-Shock is one of the most expert, original and remarkable Latvian chamber ensembles. In addition, its combination of instruments is quite unique in the context of European classical music. Since its inception in 2011, Art-i-Shock has united three superb, young female musicians, each with her own distinct personality and temperament: pianist Agnese Egliņa, percussionist Elīna Endzeleand cellist Guna Šnē. The name of the ensemble contains references to striving towards musical perfection and a desire to surprise and please listeners as well as sometimes also provoke them in a friendly way. The musicians believe that a refined sense of humour, an element of play and creative shock are the starting points for all creative work and self-discovery. 

Likewise, the trio’s concert programmes are rich in contrasts and musical experiments. By collaborating with composers and actively promoting the creation of new compositions, Art-i-Shock is adding to and broadening the musical repertoire for cello, piano and percussion. The three musicians have garnered enthusiasm from critics regarding their careful study of each new work, their technical mastery and their refined and nuanced performance of contemporary music.In addition to compositions written specially for Art-i-Shock, the ensemble also plays its own arrangements of music as well as arrangements by others. Its repertoire covers a timeline stretching from the Middle Ages to today.