Saturday, 18th May, 19:00
Organizators: Koncertzāle Cēsis

Georgy Osokin is the latest sensation in Latvian classical music. After participating in F. Chopin's competition in 2015, youngest pianist of Osokin dynasty Georgy became a sensation, critically acclaimed "unexpected, too revolutionary to be a winner". Since the contest, Osokin has been invited to perform in many countries and prestigious festivals.

Georgy Osokin's interpretations are vivid, he has a brilliant artistry, he enjoys admirers and challenges skeptical listeners. In addition to studying, Georgy is actively performing in Europe, Russia, Japan and the United States

The pianist's brand is music by F. Chopin. The British record company Piano Classics released a solo album by Osokin with late Chopin opuses, earning glorious reviews of remarkable Canadian, French and German music editions.