Saturday, 15th September, 14:00
Organizators: Koncertzāle Cēsis

Once again, Cello Cēsis surprises with unique programmes and unexpected arrangements. Last year’s edition featured an opportunity to enjoy a recital by a cello and saxophone quartet; this time around, we invite you to have a taste of the charming interplay between a cello and a vibraphone.

The programme is musically centred around the theme of TANGO. Just like two partners become one in this dance, so do the cello and the vibraphone, so very different in their musical colour and playing technique, will come together to form a new emotional whole, expanding each other’s abilities and creating a unique palette of sound, one that has never been touched before.
The programme has been mounted by Andrei Pushkarev, the long-time soloist of the world-famous Kremerata Baltica orchestra in association with the cellist Tatjana Rediko. It features both original music by Pushkarev and new arrangements of pieces byEugène Ysaÿe and Astor Piazzolla, created by the two artists especially for the needs of this special duet. Cēsis is hosting the premiere of this programme, steeped in the characteristic passion and sensuous energy of tango.