CELLO CĒSIS I TANABATA OR THE LEGEND OF TWO STARS. Musical shadow and picture show for children
Sunday, 15th September, 15:00
Organizators: Koncertzāle Cēsis

An ancient Japanese legend of life in the Kingdom of Heaven, of Princess Orihime, her beloved Hikoboshi and Emperor Tentei, told like a dream in real life, music, pictures and dance. The thousand-year-old tale of love and heavenly bodies is revealed in a wondrous play, conjuring up the fairy-tale characters in pictures, shadows, music and dance. Three well-known Latvian musicians and two Japanese artists ‒ a dancer and an artist ‒ will engage in this imaginative play of fantasy. Guided by the director Varis Klausītājs, they will reveal the story of the characters of this ancient Japanese legend.

Join us at the creative workshop before the event.

Guna ŠNĒ, cello

Agnese EGLIŅA, piano

Elīna ENDZELE, percussion

Minako SUZUKI, dance

Hiroko OSHIMA, stage design

Director Varis KLAUSĪTĀJS