CELLO TALES WITH DAGAMBA. THE DESERT | A concert production for children
Sunday, 16th September, 13:00
Organizators: Koncertzāle Cēsis

A concert at a faraway desert settlement awaits musicians of the DAGAMBA cello band. It is there that they make the acquaintance of the desert-dwelling Berber people, experience a powerful desert storm and heat and see a mirage of a verdant oasis. But above all there is the scorching merciless desert sun.

The concert production will be an invitation for the young listeners to take part in a musically and visually magnificent adventure ‒ first listening to and then also watching the unusual events experienced by the DAGAMBA musicians in the desert. The young concert-goers will be offered an opportunity to contribute to the concert, creating the atmosphere of a sweltering sun-flooded desert.