The bagpipe and drum music group "Auļi" will present their new album "Gadalokos"
Saturday, 4th June, 19:00
Organizators: SIA Lauska

Founded in 2003, for the past 13 years "Auļi" have actively played and developed bagpipe and drum music in Latvia. On stage, the six bagpipe players, three drummers and bass player make powerful, energetic music that excites listeners and inspires them to join in the galloping rhythms. "Auļi" are also well known abroad, but their creative endeavours never stray far from Latvian folk music.

For their fifth album, "Gadalokos", "Auļi" focus on the theme of seasonal festivals. The group's members have created 16 new, original compositions, each dedicated to a specific time of year in the ancient Latvian calendar.