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CELLO CĒSIS I EPOCH. Ashley Bathgate and Reinis Zarins
Friday, 13th September, 19:00

The opening concert of Cello Cēsis Festival offers its listeners an opportunity to acquaint themselves with contemporary music written for the cello. The American cello player, member of the brilliant and internationally acclaimed avant-garde ensemble Bang on a Can All-Stars Ashley Bathgate, and the outstanding Latvian pianist Reinis Zariņš have architecturally constructed a programme highlighting modern, contemporary American music

MasterClass with ASHLEY BATHGATE /cello, USA/
Saturday, 14th September, 10:00

Ashley Bathgate, American cellist and a member of an internationally renowned sextet Bang on a Can All-Stars, is giving a masterclass in the interpretation of contemporary music. Ashley's experience in contemporary music interpretation techniques, the use of electronic elements, and collaboration with composers are topics of interest to young performers, educators, and experienced music professionals. Language: English Duration: 2h

Saturday, 14th September, 11:00

Join us for a Saturday brunch set in a mood of cello music. An opportunity to enjoy a leisurely and delicious meal in the company of Cello Cēsis artists and a wonderful panoramic view of the Cēsis rooftops, all in a pleasant festival atmosphere. The brunch menu features various pancakes, freshly squeezed juices, hot and cold appetisers and a selection of desserts.  For more information and booking, please call 62006777.

Saturday, 14th September, 14:00

Every year, the programme of Cello Cēsis Festival features a concert that takes by surprise with its unusual combinations of musical instruments. Our listeners have already had an opportunity to listen to concert programmes for cello and saxophone quartet or for cello and vibraphone. This year, we will be able to enjoy the voice of cello in conversation with a variety of percussion instruments. Performing with the outstanding Latvian cello

Saturday, 14th September, 19:00

The Cello Cēsis Festival gala programme features two talented Latvian musicians, two sisters who currently star on some of the world’s greatest stages, both as solo musicians and as a duet ‒ cellist Margarita Balanas and violinist Kristīne Balanas. Appearing with the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, they will perform the original Double Concerto for Violin and Cello by Philip Glass. In 2010, the Nederlands Dans Theater

CELLO CĒSIS I DUO FOR CELLO AND HARPSICHORD. Music Painting Live by Margarita Balanas
Sunday, 15th September, 13:00

In this concert at the art gallery, music meets painting. We will listen to a wonderful interplay between the cello and harpsichord when two old friends and like-minded musicians, the harpsichordist Aina Kalnciema and Germany-based cellist Ramón Jaffé, meet in a programme of Baroque and contemporary music. They will take us on a musical history-filled journey, from the ancient pieces by Bach and Handel to original works by our

CELLO CĒSIS I TANABATA OR THE LEGEND OF TWO STARS. Musical shadow and picture show for children
Sunday, 15th September, 15:00

An ancient Japanese legend of life in the Kingdom of Heaven, of Princess Orihime, her beloved Hikoboshi and Emperor Tentei, told like a dream in real life, music, pictures and dance. The thousand-year-old tale of love and heavenly bodies is revealed in a wondrous play, conjuring up the fairy-tale characters in pictures, shadows, music and dance. Three well-known Latvian musicians and two Japanese artists ‒ a dancer and an artist ‒ will