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Sunday, 2nd April, 19:00

2015 saw Eva Bindere, Kristīne Blaumane and Reinis Zariņš form a trio and perform at events marking Latvia’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union in London and the Autumn Chamber Music Festival held by Latvijas Koncerti agency. The trio’s name contains a allusion to the statue of the goddess Pallas Athena traditionally erected in the ancient citadels as a sign of protection. A protecting trio? With their hundred-percent

WHERE DO YOU FIND A HUG? A performance by the Latvian Puppet Theatre
Thursday, 6th April, 11:00

Douglas is a little bear with a big and loving heart, and he wants to share it with someone else. One fine spring morning, he wakes up and realises that he needs a hug (we all have days like this). So where do you find a hug? A hug of the REAL kind. As you are looking for a hug, you can easily stumble upon the dangerous, unfriendly FALSE hug. That is the kind you would do well to avoid. You just cannot walk around hugging the wrong sort

Saturday, 8th April, 19:00

It is a rare but unforgettable occasion when the world-renowned Latvian opera singer Aleksandrs Antoņenko treats the concert-goers in his homeland to a programme of chamber music. Frequently appearing on stage as opera heroes haunted by various adversities and tribulations of fate, he can also interpret musical pages for voice and piano with pearly subtlety and intimate warmth. The programme features a selection of songs by Latvian

WIND IN THE WILLOWS. A LNSO concert production for children
Thursday, 13th April, 12:00

The musical production for children is based on Wind in the Willows, the famous book by Kenneth Grahame, telling the story of the homebody Mole, the easy-going water-loving Rat, the spoilt super rich Mr Toad and the wise loner Mr Badger. The protagonists of the book will be embodied by actors Mārtiņš Brūveris and Valdis Vanags, as well as the LNSO chamber ensemble under clarinettist and conductor Guntis Kuzma. Music was written by

NOVECENTO.Concert production
Saturday, 22nd April, 19:00

Vestards Šimkus, piano Kristaps Ķeselis, narrator Director Dmitrijs Petrenko Director Dmitrijs Petrenko invites you for a night of introspection, turning the pages of monologue-style novella by the Italian writer and philosopher Alessandro Baricco, Novecento (1900). The book tells the story of an unusual musician who was raised on a ship, never setting foot ashore. He plays the piano like no-one has played it before him. People