Cello Cēsis
The Cello Cēsis international cello festival, produced by Cēsis Concert Hall, is held annually in the beautiful city of Cēsis, Latvia. The first cello festival founded in the Baltic and Nordic region, Cello Cēsis aims to help the listeners discover the inimitable voice and diverse sound of the cello through performances of both world-renowned cello players and young musicians, as well as the excellent acoustics of the new built Cēsis Concert Hall. The unique programme of the festival is tailored to demonstrate the essence and the most brilliant musical pieces written for the cello, from Baroque to the present day, from world masterpieces of cello music to pieces by Latvian, Baltic and Nordic composers. A distinctly internationally orientated festival, Cello Cēsis has already hosted appearances by world-renowned cello players like Nicolas Altstaedt from Germany, Marko Ylonen from Finland, Marc Coppey from France and Mario Brunello from Italy. The festival’s concerts have also featured performances by the best internationally recognised Latvian cellists. In 2017 Cello Cēsis have been awarded the EFFE Label 2017‒2018, the sign of quality bestowed on the most outstanding of European festivals. EFFE (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) is a label launched by the European Festivals Association, conferred on the most prominent European festivals. Further the Programme of the Festival 2017. This year's festival higlights the performances of one of the world’s best cellists of his generation Daniel Müller-Schott and italian composer and cellists - the "rockstar" of the classical music Giovanni Sollima.
Friday, 14th September, 19:00

This programme by two brilliant and internationally acclaimed musicians ‒ the Latvian pianist Lauma Skride and the German cello player Daniel Müller-Schott ‒ will feature pieces by one of the Viennese greats, Ludwig van Beethoven, side by side with the romantically charged music of Robert Schumann and

Saturday, 15th September, 14:00

Once again, Cello Cēsis surprises with unique programmes and unexpected arrangements. Last year’s edition featured an opportunity to enjoy a recital by a cello and saxophone quartet; this time around, we invite you to have a taste of the charming interplay between a cello and a vibraphone.

The programme is musically centred around the theme of TANGO. Just like two partners become one in this dance, so do the cello and the

CELLO CĒSIS | Documentary "Rostropovich: The Genius of the Cello"
Saturday, 15th September, 17:00

Festival Cello Cēsis gives the opportunity to watch on the big screen the BBC movie about one of the most famous cellists of all times Mistislav Rostropovich.

Film will will be in English with Latvian subtitles.

CELLO CĒSIS | Due to Giovanni Sollimas illness we will hear Narek Hakhnazaryan
Saturday, 15th September, 19:00

After receving unexpected news about illness of dearly awaited composer and cellist Givanni Sollima visiting Cello Cēsis festival, in the concert of September 15 we will hear the rising cello star Narek Hakhnazaryan.

Since winning the Cello First Prize and Gold Medal at the XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition in 2011 at the age of 22, Narek Hakhnazaryan has performed with most major orchestras and in recital and chamber music

Creative workshop for children. The Desert
Sunday, 16th September, 12:00

Befor the concert production for children "Cello tales with Dagamba. The Desert" little listeners are invited to the Creative workshope.

There will be an opportunity for kids to create the details of the scenography of the upcoming concert and later on see them allready on the stage.

CELLO TALES WITH DAGAMBA. THE DESERT | A concert production for children
Sunday, 16th September, 13:00

A concert at a faraway desert settlement awaits musicians of the DAGAMBA cello band. It is there that they make the acquaintance of the desert-dwelling Berber people, experience a powerful desert storm and heat and see a mirage of a verdant oasis. But above all there is the scorching merciless desert sun.

The concert production will be an invitation for the young listeners to take part in a musically and visually magnificent